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  This page features games built upon Java Script or Sun's Java(TM) technology. This means that there are no downloads required, these games can be played right inside your web browser for free!
    Mystic Guides' games are incredibly popular because they are fun, free and easy to use. They are small enough to load quickly to be played online. If you have any request, let us know.
    You may have to download Sun's Java plug-in when using Microsoft's newest Internet Explore.
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    Below you will find a list of our currently available games. Click on a game image to play the game. We will be adding more so check back often.
 updated March 12, 2005
Game Image Description
Play Psychic Test Psychic Test
This test is based on the Zenner card test. Since the shape is not selected until after you have made your choice, this is a test of your ability to predict future events. The accuracy of the result increases with the number of guesses that you make. The significance level is determined by a formula that was used with the Zenner tests.
Rune Memory  New
The purpose of this activity is to help you remember the shape of each type of rune. In the game window there are forty two spiral sun boxes. Hidden behind the suns are twenty one pairs of runes distributed randomly. All you have to do is click on the spiral sun boxes and find each of the image pairs.
  More are on the way. Have fun!


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