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Earth: One of the elements, it represents our bodies. It has the qualities of protection, endurance and keeping us with reality. Working with Earth will keep us close to nature and will keep us down to earth. It rules over Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

Earth Magic: A practical form of magic which involves drawing energy from Mother Earth (or Gaia) and the element or elementals of earth for rituals. Usually items associated with the Earth and Nature hold a particular significance in the ritual or spell. The energy that exists within stones, herbs, flames, wind, and other natural objects.

Earth Power: Defines the force or vibration that exists in many inanimate objects like stones, water, fire, and plants. Can be controlled and used in magic.

Eclectic: A person (or the practice of a person) who combines attributes from various traditions to create a unique spiritual blend of Wicca, paganism, or witchcraft that suits them best.

Elder: Many wiccan organizations have a group or board of elders who oversee the operations of the church and its variety of functions. These people have usually gained their positions through a combination of their abilities, which may include education, experience, and counseling.

Elemental: A spirit formed of one of the elements. The 5 elementals are salamanders (fire), sylphs (air), undines (water), gnomes (earth), and spirit (akasha). ‘Sylphs’ for Air, ‘Salamanders’ for Fire, ‘Undines’ for Water, ‘Gnomes’ for Earth.

Elements: Usually counted as four: Earth, Air, Fire and Water. However many witches add spirit or akasha to this category, as well. Each element has a direction within a magical circle: Earth=north, Air=east, Fire=south, Water=west, Akasha=center. The elements are what sustain all life. The elements are found within each individual as well as in nature. There is some controversy over the elements and their compass points, some argue that Air is in the North, but that choice is yours to make and could be determined by your tradition.

Elixir: A magically charged liquid which has to have a crystal or gem sitting in it for a specific amount of time before it is ready to drink.


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Embodiment: Form of aura balancing and chakra healing that combines inner child work, sacred touch (a variation of CranioSacral Therapy), Toning, and other methods.

Empowerment: An individual's assertion of personal power, energy, force, and strength in all fields: spiritual, physical, mental and magical. See also Reiki Attunement.

Energy Healing/Balancing: Healing technique that involves working in the body's energy field to promote mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual healing.

Esoteric: Hidden or deeper knowledge or teachings that are possessed or understood only by a few.

Empowerment: An individual's assertion of personal power, energy, force, and strength in all fields... spiritual, physical, mental, magical.

Enchantment: A method of spell casting which involves, generally, spoken words of power. An enchantment can be put on something to gain control or authority over it. Enchanted objects generally "carry" the magic put upon them with them, so it does not cease to work but is continually having its effect.

Eostar: Spring Equinox, also known as Astara or Ostara. March 21 Esbat: Any Wiccan religious celebration held which is not a sabbat, commonly held on full moons in honor of the goddess.

Essential Oil: A plant oil which is extracted through a very complex process that generally yields very little product, making it costly to buy true essential oils. It's a misconception to think of them as actually being oily because they rarely are. These are called for often in rituals.

Equinox: Either of the two times each year (as about March 21 and September 23) when the sun crosses the equator and day and night are everywhere of equal length.

Evocation: Calling something out from within.

Evoking: Summoning a non-material entity of a lower nature than human (cf. Invoking).


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