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  take me home   Mystic Guides is a company of pagan artists and designers whose goal is to produce creative and original products with practical and enlightening qualities. products not available through stores 
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March 4, 2005
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Our guides can be purchased in local stores. If your local stores do not have our guides, ask them to contact us on our site.  There are also on-line methods for ordering our products. Thank you for your interest in our mystic guides.
If you are a retailer and want to stock our printed guides, please contact us so that we may be of assistance. Temporary: Catalogue
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About Our Products  
Our Guide product line includes informative cards, mini-cards, illustrative cards, posters and mini posters. Our products are made in Canada. They are individually hand crafted with the most attentive care. For our posters, the artist involved reviews each print and signs it by hand to ensure that it is ready for you. Rest assured that each design is reviewed by a knowledgeable person who approved the art and information before we passed it on to you.
We use a blend of old world and new world knowledge to produce a product that is of exceptional quality and makes each piece a recognized pagan art collector’s item.
Learning about pagan traditions or beliefs can be a rewarding endeavor. It is also fun. The information on our products is designed to be easily understood and enjoyable to apply in your everyday life. Our posters are designed to be most pleasing to the eye but still help you gain mystical information as you gaze. Our cards are designed to contain a wealth of mystical information in an easily portable manner while still being enjoyable to look upon at any time.
Let your imagination run free and envelop the mystical knowledge that we present to you.


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